growing succulents

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    Cacti and Succulent Gardening in Connecticut

    Hey GPODers! A new editor is at the helm of Garden Photo of the Day, and I want to take the opportunity to (sort of) formally introduce myself. My name…

  • close up of trailing succulent with pink-tipped leaves

    Ebony’s Favorite Succulents

    I’m Ebony, and I’m from southwestern Louisiana. I’ve been growing succulents for nearly six years, and it’s been such a great hobby for me. I’m a wife, mom, and pharmacist,…

  • giant agave in a pot in front of large planting of dahlias

    Agaves in Ontario

    Alice Fleurkens in Sweaburg, Ontario, has shared her garden with us several times on the GPOD, but today she sent in some photos of a friend’s garden, which is just…

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    Gardening in a Hot, Dry Climate

    My name is Mark Howard and I live in Dallas. I've noticed many of the gorgeous gardens featured in GPOD are located near the coast or in cool, rainy zones.…

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    Your Guide to Growing Lithops in the Southwest

    Lithops (Lithops spp. and cvs., Zones 10–11), also known as living stone or split rocks, are beautiful little plants. They come in a variety of colors, and when blooming they…

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    A Drought-Tolerant California Garden

    Today's photos come from Stephen Katcher. I am writing to share some pictures of my garden in Studio City, California. I live with my wife of twenty years, our two…

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    Overwintering Succulents in the Southwest

    Now that it’s December, temperatures all over the country are starting to quickly fall below the freezing mark, even here in the Southwest. Now is the time when the daytime…

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    Growing Succulents Successfully in Northern California

    Succulents are remarkable plants that have evolved the ability to store and reserve water within their plump and fleshy leaves and stems. This allows them to remain hydrated during times…