growing grapes

  • Flame Seedless grapes

    Grapevines Offer a Feast for the Senses

    Finding a plant that can serve multiple purposes in the garden is always a gardener’s dream. So let’s focus on a plant that is ideal for landscape designing, greening up…

  • Design

    Creating a Vineyard and Garden

    Today’s photos come from Donald LaGrand. I want to share with everyone the progress on my master plan layout of the gardens here in Somerset, California. The photos are from…

  • How-To

    Training Grapevines on an Arbor

    Form a sheltering canopy by guiding the vines to the top and pruning them annually

  • Kitchen Gardening

    Grow Grapes in Your Home Garden

    If you're a grape fan, rest assured that you don't need a formal vineyard to have a few vines planted in your home garden or landscape.