• grafting techniques

    A Step-by-Step Guide to Two Grafting Techniques

    Cleft and side veneer are two frequently used grafting methods in horticulture. Each has its pros and cons. Some species have also shown to do better with one method over…

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    Plant Grafting 101

    Nearly every gardener has purchased a plant that was propagated through grafting. Grafting has been used by plant growers for thousands of years, and many of the most popular shrubs…

  • grafting methods

    3 Less-Common Grafting Methods

    While cleft grafting and side veneer grafting are two of the most commonly used methods in commercial plant production, there are many other forms of grafting that may be used…

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    Learning to Graft Apples

    Today we’re visiting with Jocelyn Spicer in Washougal, Washington. I enjoy checking the GPOD every day or two for inspiration. I've been gardening on and off for decades, but this…

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    How to Buy a Tree

    Trees are generally the priciest and most permanent plants gardeners will buy in their lifetime, so most of us want to ensure that the one we select at the nursery…