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    Gorgeous Drought-Tolerant Garden Plans and Ideas

    We watch The Weather Channel a lot in my household. There’s even a family joke that my husband missed his calling by not becoming a meteorologist. Nearly every morning starts…

  • drought-resistant garden

    Tips for Creating a Drought-Tolerant Landscape

    Drought-tolerant landscapes come in all shapes and sizes. From a large, expansive bed that runs the entire length of a property line to a small nook that bakes all day…

  • How-To

    Care Tips for Drought-Deciduous Native Plants

    As the rains end and June gloom rolls by, things start to dry up in the garden, and many of your favorite drought-deciduous native plants, such as ‘Bee’s Bliss’ salvia…

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    Water-Wise Rose Care

    Gardeners love cut flowers. And there is nothing more satisfying than growing your own cut flowers. With the heavy carbon footprint of imported roses, as well as the difficulty in…

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    10 Drought-Tolerant Shrubs

    A few years back, we were hit with the worst drought Alabama had seen in 100 years. It turned out to be the best opportunity we had to see how…

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    Building a Crevice Garden

    Crevice gardening is a bit of a trend among gardeners at the moment. A crevice garden is built by partially burying wide, flat pieces of stone vertically, like the pages…

  • ‘Shenandoah’ Prairie Switchgrass

    Water-Wise Plants

    Droughts and water shortages have grabbed headlines in recent years, reminding gardeners everywhere that we need to find ways to make our landscapes less dependent on supplemental water. Even in…