garden transformation

  • old stone fountain with plants planted inside and crocheted around

    Making Garden Magic Bloom

    Today’s post is from Barbara Martin. On May 1,  five friends and I (we've dubbed ourselves the Secret Magic Garden Society) staged a fundraising event to restore the long-ignored and,…

  • bright colored flowers and foliage in the garden

    Before and After in Shelley’s Garden

    Today we’re in Old Chatham, New York, visiting with Shelley Haefner. I have been gardening for a little over 12 years now. At the beginning of my journey, I just…

  • small garden patio with black table set

    Turning a Problem Into a Feature

    Today we're visiting Kathleen Hooper's garden. When my family and I moved from two acres in Connecticut to our Winnetka, Illinois (near Chicago) house, I inherited a small landscaped yard.…

  • light orange roses

    Katy’s New Side Yard Garden

    My name is Katy, and I garden in Zone 7B, in Tsawwassen British Columbia, Canada, just south of Vancouver. We have a modified Mediterranean climate with heavy winter rainfall and…

  • view of garden from above

    From Mud to Garden (and Golf Hole!)

    Today we’re in Raleigh, North Carolina, visiting with John Matthews. I have put together an entire deck on the garden, going from muddy grass to what it is today. There…

  • lots of brightly colored flowers

    Evolving From Vegetables to Flowers

    I am Laurie Fischer, and I garden in northeastern Ohio. I’ve been gardening in the Midwest for over fifty years, but this is the longest in one place. This garden…

  • garden path leading to small patio

    Lila’s Garden Makeover

    Today we’re visiting with Lila Johnson (whose garden we’ve visited before: The Flowers of August). My garden has been featured in the GPOD previously, but after much thought and several…

  • garden path with foliage plants on either side

    Michele’s Before and After

    Today we’re visiting with Michele Baker and seeing how she has transformed her new garden on Cape Cod in Massachusetts. I’ve loved Fine Gardening for years and am always inspired…

  • An outdoor seating area

    Lockdown Garden Makeover

    Today we’re seeing the garden makeover Lynne did during the COVID lockdown. Up until this last year the most gardening I had ever done was mowing the grass and pulling…

  • masses of yellow and pink tulips

    Patti’s Garden Before and After

    Today we’re visiting Patti’s garden in Guilford, Connecticut. Growing up, I read about a garden like this while sitting on the floor in Accra, Ghana. Now in America, I have…