garden through the seasons

  • front yard garden with birght red flowers growing in containers

    Paula’s Front Garden in Ottawa

    We’re visiting Paula Brown’s beautiful garden today. My garden, in Ottawa, Ontario, is under a lot of snow right now, so I decided to talk about the creative wreaths that…

  • garden full of lush foliage and purple flowers

    A Year in Peggy’s Garden

    Today we’re off to Gig Harbor, Washington, where Peggy Fox is escaping the winter blues by looking back at some favorite photos from last year in her garden. Spring foliage…

  • two benches in a community park garden

    Through the Seasons at Ned Wolf Park

    Eric Sternfels sent in these photos today, of a beautiful community-created garden in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania called Ned Wolf Park. We’ve visited this garden a couple of times before (Revisiting Ned…

  • close up of yellow purple and orange flowers in the garden

    The Year That Was in Northwestern New Jersey

    Today’s photos are from Phyllis Strohmeyer in northwestern New Jersey (Zone 6A). We have a 3-acre lot on the side of Jenny Jump Mountain. We moved here five years ago,…

  • garden in early summer with foliage from bulbs and perennials beginning to bloom

    Resetting the Border

    Kathy Schreurs in Sheldon, Iowa, is sharing her garden with us today. She wrote in right before the change from daylight savings time, and had this to say: It’s that…

  • herbs and vegetables arranged into circle design

    Favorites from Anita’s Garden

    We’re in Yorkville, Illinois, visiting with Anita Drendel again. We saw some photos of her garden in the GPOD recently, and she’s back to share more of her favorites from…

  • small tree with bright red bark in the snow-covered garden

    Seth’s Plymouth Garden

    Today we’re visiting with Seth Kilgore. Here are some photos of my tiny garden. I garden in Plymouth and Boston, Massachusetts. I have four plots in three different community gardens,…

  • a lush garden bed with flowers and shrubs

    Gardening in Alaska, Part 1

    Today we’re headed to chilly Fairbanks, Alaska, to visit with Susie Zimmerman. Here are a few shots of my garden. I’ve been at it for about 40 years (with a…

  • close up of small garden bed during its peak in summer

    Looking Back at Last Year’s Garden with Joan

    Today’s photos are from Joan Ganley. My garden in January is always a cold and snowy place. Looking out on the snowy landscape, I make notes of where I might…

  • boarder with yellow and purple flowers and a white hydrangea

    Review of 2022 in Kevin’s Garden

    We’re visiting with Kevin Kelly today. Today I am taking you on a brief review of my garden in 2022. As I am planning for a new growing season, it…