Garden Project

  • new front garden bed after new pollinator-friendly plantings

    Nicki’s New Garden Project

    Today we’re in Lake Bluff, Illinois, visiting Nicki Snoblin’s garden. This year I decided to dig up about a third of my front yard to make a place for sun-loving,…

  • wider view of garden transformation and surrounding garden beds

    DeBorrah’s Garden Sanctuary

    My name is DeBorrah Tibbs. I live in the hot Georgia Peach state in Smyrna. Gardening is my passion and is ever changing. I have gardened most of my life,…

  • completed community forest with newly planted trees and shrubs

    A Community Miniature Forest

    We visited Kat Kinch's new home garden recently (Heritage and Habitat), and today Kat is sharing a cool community gardening project in Ontario, where she lives. The Warkworth Little Forest…

  • small garden patio with black table set

    Turning a Problem Into a Feature

    Today we're visiting Kathleen Hooper's garden. When my family and I moved from two acres in Connecticut to our Winnetka, Illinois (near Chicago) house, I inherited a small landscaped yard.…

  • Design

    Making a Garden Chessboard

    I’ve seen a lot of people taking on new garden projects while socially distancing, but Dusanka Marusic sent in a project that is quite amazing and unique. While socially distancing,…

  • Design

    Build a Copper Pipe Trellis

    Simple techniques transform plumbing pipes into functional garden structures