Garden Borders

  • garden border along a fence with pink and yellow flowers

    Alana’s Ohio Garden

    My name is Alana and I garden in Columbus, Ohio. My current garden is about 7 years old and I’m constantly tweaking it. One of my favorite parts of gardening…

  • private garden plants

    Deep Borders Let You Have It All: Plant IDs

    In Deep Borders Let You Have It All, Hans Hansen writes, “When I moved to Michigan 13 years ago, I was excited by the endless plant possibilities afforded by my…

  • beautiful garden border
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    Building Beautiful Garden Borders

    When I first began gardening I remember a more experienced friend asking me, “How deep are you going to make your borders?” I turned to her with a confused look,…

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    Seating Areas Made Simple

    Your ideal outdoor living space is only three steps away