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  • Garden with Curb Appeal

    How to Create a Garden With Curb Appeal in the Southwest, Part 2: Planting Design

    In How to Create a Garden with Curb Appeal in the Southwest, Part 1: Form, Flow, and Function, I discussed the importance of form (structures), flow (planting design), and function…

  • front yard gardens

    How to Create a Garden with Curb Appeal in the Southwest, Part 1: Form, Flow, and Function

    When you pull into your driveway or walk up to your front door, ask yourself a few questions: Are you wowed? Do you smile? Are you impressed? Are you soothed…

  • garden pond waterfall

    A Garden Jay Made in North Carolina

    We’re visiting with Jay Sifford today. We’ve visited his personal gardens in North Carolina before (Summer in Jay's Garden), but today he’s sharing a garden he created for one of…

  • front yard garden with shrubs and pink flowers

    Sharon’s Pennsylvania Garden

    Today’s photos are from Sharon Danovich Lupone. She gardens in Pittsburgh but loves the style of gardens from farther south. Since 2008, we have worked diligently to bring our yard…

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    Making a Small Space Work

    Today’s photos come from Kate McMillan’s 50-foot by 100-foot city lot in Portland, Oregon. Gardening on a small city lot is definitely challenging when it comes to privacy and how…

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    Plants That Take Heat and Humidity

    My name is Jim Smith from Hartselle, Alabama, and I want to share a few photos of my garden. The garden is about five years old. I had minimal gardening…

  • Viewing this home from the front, we can see that the designer of the front yard garden chose many massing plants that give the home a lush, hidden feeling

    Four Design Ideas for a Small Space Design

    Small Space 1 Four-season interest in a drought-tolerant package Many think that naturalistic plantings can’t possibly be implemented in a postage stamp yard—least of all a front one—and that they…

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    An Enchanting First Impression

    Like many modern houses, Gail Gee’s suburban home in Fulton, Maryland (USDA Hardiness Zone 7), features a front door well away from and out of sight of the driveway where…

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    From Boring to Beautiful

    We’ve all been there—standing amid tired plantings and lackluster hardscaping, longing for a professional designer to come along and transform our landscape into a garden worthy of . . .…

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    Stand Out Without Sticking Out

    It’s different, but it still fits in. When driving by this front yard in Knoxville, Tennessee, it’s obvious that a gardener lives inside. But when creating the space, the owner…