Flowering Indoor Plants

  • close up of yellow and pink orchid

    Nicki’s Indoor Garden

    Today’s photos are from Nicki Snoblin in Lake Bluff, Illinois. Since there’s not much going on outside right now, I thought I’d share some indoor photos. To keep away the…

  • close up of bright orange orchid

    A Perfect Addition to the Gray of Winter

    Today Gail Bromer is sharing a method to brighten up the winter months. I started to collect orchids 30 years ago and still have several plants from those early years.…

  • How-To

    Why Won’t My Orchid Rebloom?

    Understanding the basic needs of orchids is the secret to spurring new buds

  • Design

    Hoyas as Indoor and Outdoor Plants

    Most hummingbirds will end up in a 12 step program after discovering them on your back porch.