• ligularia in bloom

    Flood-Tolerant Perennials for the Northern Plains

    In the Northern Plains, heavy rains seem to be a more and more common occurrence, resulting in periodic flooding in our landscapes. While most plants cannot tolerate prolonged periods of…

  • Design

    Flood-Tolerant Trees for the Northern Plains

    As temperatures rise, snow melts, and rains fall, spring flooding for many of us has become a common problem in our landscapes here in the Northern Plains. Thankfully there are…

  • How-To

    Dealing With Excessive Rain in the Garden

    The National Climate Assessment reported in 2014 that storms have been dumping more and more rain, with some parts of the United States experiencing a 70% increase in the amount…

  • How-To

    Rehabilitating a Flooded Garden

    The constant variable of water—too much or too little— is a part of gardening in the South. However, too much rain at once is often the case in our region.…