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    Want to Grow Figs? Try One of These Varieties

    There’s a fig for every taste. Some are more berrylike; some are more datelike. The color of the skin ranges from very dark purple or brown to very light green,…

  • fig plant wrapped up for winter

    Overwintering In-Ground Figs in Colder Climates

    The most important rule when growing figs in cold areas is to be creative. For example, I once met a Zone 5 grower who made a “figatorium,” a greenhouse with…

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    How to Grow Figs, Even in Colder Climates

    Figs intrigue many gardeners. The breadth of interest struck me when I donated a spindly little dormant fig plant for a raffle and the winner told me she had received…

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    Figs in Fall

    With the arrival of autumn and cooler weather, there are certain crops that are ready to harvest like apples and grapes and pumpkins--and much to the delight of many--figs.