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    Gardening for wildlife

    See how this gardener designed her garden to be friendly to wildlife.

  • picking the perfect planter pot

    Select the Plants, Then Find a Pot

    In her article "Designing Great Containers," Rita Randolph of Randolph's Greenhouses in Jackson, Tennessee, writes: It doesn’t take long for a fun adventure at the local garden center or greenhouse to…

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    A Collector’s Paradise

    The first two questions visitors ask Patrick Anderson when they see his garden devoted to succulent plants are "What were you thinking?" and "Why these plants?" Patrick's answer goes straight…

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    Video: A dynamic design for a garden passageway

    When Scott Endres moved into his home 12 years ago, he felt constricted by the amount of space available for gardening. With a small front yard, a tiny backyard, and…

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    Selecting Trees for Structure

    As gardeners, we evaluate a plant's ornamental characteristics before we consider adding it to our garden. We may want to know, for example, when a plant flowers or if it…

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    Video: Ornaments in the Garden

    "I love to embellish—my clothing, my house, and best of all, my garden," says Eve Thyrum, a volunteer at the Scott Arboretum at Swarthmore College and a member of the Hardy Plant…