Video: A dynamic design for a garden passageway

A transitional space can be a destination in its own right

Fine Gardening - Issue 120

When Scott Endres moved into his home 12 years ago, he felt constricted by the amount of space available for gardening. With a small front yard, a tiny backyard, and a narrow side yard, he knew he would have to make the most of every square inch of space. The side garden proved to be the most challenging. He wanted it to be an experience, not just an expressway between the front and the back. He also needed more space for plantings, and wanted to enjoy this space as much as the other areas.

So, he broadened the space psychologically and made it into a destination that would guests to linger as they passed from the public to the private areas of his garden. His success relied on wise hardscape decisions, the careful placement of plants and focal points, and the inventive use of repetition to pull it all together.

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