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  • trees with colorful fall foliagetrees with colorful fall foliage

    Plant These Trees for the Best Fall Color

    Having grown up in New England, and living there now, I consider myself pretty spoiled in fall. After all, tourists literally flock to my section of North America every autumn…

  • Groundskeeper II shrub rake

    3 Reliable Garden Rakes for More Than Just Fall Cleanup

    These sturdy tines can penetrate tough materials Tested by Matt Mattus A rake may be the most practical yet unexciting of garden tools. But as many gardeners know, some rakes…

  • Collection

    Regional Picks Collection: Unusual Autumn Stars

    If you’re sick of the same old asters and mums, why not plant an unexpected fall star instead? The following collection highlights some truly out-of-the-ordinary shrubs, trees, and even perennials…

  • Design

    Fall in an Ozarks Garden

    Today’s photos come from Susan Esche. Fall gardening in my area is somewhat unpredictable. Abundant rainfall this autumn has gifted my garden with a long run of asters and a…

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    Gardening With Kids

    My name is Liz Dutton, and this is my first submission to the GPOD. For the past thirty-five years, I have been gardening and operating a daycare home on two…

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    Fall Gardening

    The heat of summer has just about past and the days are getting cooler and shorter. Summer crops like tomatoes and eggplant and squash are near about finished, however we…

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    Plant a Fall Vegetable Garden this Year

    The fall vegetable garden can be a well-kept secret as far as easy and rewarding gardening is concerned.

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    Fall Garden Planning & To-Do List

    With good preparation, you'll have a great Fall garden.

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    Farewell to the Summer Harvest Season–Fall is Here!

    Gone are the bright blue skies of autumn, when one looks up through a dazzling palette of colored leaves against the sky. Lime green, bright yellow, golden, orange, red, mahogany,…