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  • bright red poppy flowers in the sun

    Summer in a UK Garden

    I’m always excited when I see an email from Istvan Dudas in the GPOD inbox. Today he’s sharing photos taken by Ukrainian photographer Maria Savoskula of the Stockcross House garden…

  • cottage garden tour

    Tour a Cottage Garden Bursting With Blooms

    Typical cottage gardens—the ones we see in English gardening books and magazines—are undeniably beautiful. But when gardeners in the United States attempt to replicate their charming and iconic look, the…

  • Design

    An English-Inspired Garden in France

    I garden in a village near Dijon in Burgundy, in France, and I am a new subscriber to Fine Gardening magazine, which I find very interesting, I had never read…

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    An English-Style Garden in Toronto

    Today we’re heading to Toronto to see the garden of Lucile Yates. About seven years ago, I got rid of most of the lawn in the front garden and planted…

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    Defining the New American Cottage Garden

    Several years ago, a husband-and-wife team of travel writers from England was touring Colorado and stopped by to see my garden. After walking in the garden and comparing our gardening…

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    Five Traditional Elements of a Cottage Garden

    If you want your cottage garden to be truly traditional, you might be surprised to know that up until the 19th century, many cottage gardens boasted little more than potatoes.…