early summer

  • various succulent plants in small containers

    Renata’s Alabama Garden

    I am Renata Puckett. I plant mainly gifted and some bought plants in Morgan County, Alabama. I grow and divide them to fill my country gardens around the house. I…

  • Gladiola

    ‘Carolina Primrose’ Is Not Your Grandmother’s Gladiola

    Many gardeners are familiar with gladiolas. The usual response when asked about glads, however, along with a shaking of the head and a shudder, is “Not me.” No doubt they…

  • Chardonnay Pearls slender deutzia

    Shrubs That Bloom in Late Spring and Early Summer

    We incorporate shrubs, both deciduous and evergreen, for a wide range of purposes. Perhaps we’re providing scale along the foundation of a structure, creating separation, or establishing privacy. While shrubs…

  • Design

    Four Plants For Early Summer Color

    It may feel odd to think about summer right now. But, there are several plants that you can plant out now that will ensure that your early summer garden is…