• Pruning a hydrangea to make a better shape

    Winter is Best Time for Rejuvenation Pruning in the Mid-Atlantic

    While a light hand is apropos for many pruning jobs, sometimes a judicious but heavy hand is needed. Rejuvenation pruning is a heavy-handed but efficient method to bring overlooked, overgrown,…

  • dogwood tree with pink flowers

    Dogwood Season

    Today Angie Caruthers is sharing some beautiful photos of a favorite spring bloom. It's dogwood season in Northwest Arkansas, and I finally got some worthy photos of my pink dogwood…

  • Appalachian Joy flowering dogwood

    The Best Dogwoods for Your Garden

    The fastest way to start a horticultural food fight is to lock eight plant geeks in a room and ask a simple question: “What’s the best dogwood out there?” Even…

  • dogwood diseases

    Dealing with Dogwood Diseases

    Like many woody plants, dogwoods can be afflicted by disease. Fortunately, when correctly identified, most diseases can be treated with little fuss. See The Best Dogwoods for Your Garden. Powdery…

  • Flame willow

    Hot Winter Color in the Midwest with Willows and Dogwoods

    Winter in the Midwest doesn’t have to mean an absence of bright color. Of course we should be enjoying textures provided by our ornamental grasses, dormant perennials, and other plantings…

  • Design

    Peonies and Other Favorites

    Lynn Crawford is sharing some of her favorite blooms from her garden with us today. I have been an avid gardener for more than 60 years. My mother, Charlotte, and…