• Pruning a hydrangea to make a better shape

    Winter is Best Time for Rejuvenation Pruning in the Mid-Atlantic

    While a light hand is apropos for many pruning jobs, sometimes a judicious but heavy hand is needed. Rejuvenation pruning is a heavy-handed but efficient method to bring overlooked, overgrown,…

  • Article

    Seasons in a Montana Garden

    Today’s photos are from Kielian Dewitt. I have gardened in the Bitterroot Valley of Montana (Zone 5b, except when it’s Zone 4) for 15 years. This spring, I thought it…

  • Empress of China dogwood

    A Dogwood Quartet for the Southeast

    For many of us in the southeastern United States, dogwoods (Cornus spp. and cvs., Zones 3–9) are what initially come to mind when we think about spring-flowering trees. That is…

  • Design

    Playful and Peaceful Garden Design

    My name is Bill Hodgeman, and I live in Sunderland, Massachusetts. I have been gardening since 2011 and working on my current property since 2015. I am passionate about creating…

  • Design

    Japanese Style in California

    Today’s photos come from Geni Hiestand. I live in the Sierra foothills in Grass Valley, California. Our front yard was a patch of weeds and clay soil when my husband…

  • Design

    Goodbye to Pauline’s Garden

    Today’s photos come from Irvin and Pauline Faria of Carmichael, Calif. They are moving to a new state and are hoping that the new owners of their home will continue…

  • Design

    Trees That Always Please

    You'll never regret the investment you make in these standout varieties