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    Get Acquainted with These Improved Varieties of Herbs

    One of the best things about being in the plant business for over 40 years has been trying out new and rediscovered plants. Every year I like to grow the…

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    Herbs with Anise-, Fennel-, and Licorice-Like Flavors

    I recently did a program at the annual Herb Society of America conference in Madison, Wisconsin thus titled; this is a modified version of the handout. Since we are celebrating…

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    Bring in the Beneficials

    Gardens for butterflies and bees are easy. Dozens of books, magazine articles, and websites out there will guide you through lists of pollinator-friendly plants like butterfly bush (Buddleia spp. and…

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    Unusual Herbs With Excellent Flavor

    “Herbs are weeds.” Because I own a nursery that specializes in this special breed of plants, I’ve heard that phrase come out of the mouths of my customers, friends, family—heck,…

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    Plant Dill This Spring

    Dill is a treat as a salad crop, and also in the form of dill seed. It is easily grown; why not plant some now?

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    Celebrate Dill!

    It is time to welcome dill as herb of the year for 2010, chosen by the International Herb Association for its culinary, ornamental and medicinal traits.