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    Herbs with Anise-, Fennel-, and Licorice-Like Flavors

    I recently did a program at the annual Herb Society of America conference in Madison, Wisconsin thus titled; this is a modified version of the handout. Since we are celebrating…

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    Bring in the Beneficials

    Gardens for butterflies and bees are easy. Dozens of books, magazine articles, and websites out there will guide you through lists of pollinator-friendly plants like butterfly bush (Buddleia spp. and…

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    Unusual Herbs With Excellent Flavor

    “Herbs are weeds.” Because I own a nursery that specializes in this special breed of plants, I’ve heard that phrase come out of the mouths of my customers, friends, family—heck,…

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    Plant Dill This Spring

    Dill is a treat as a salad crop, and also in the form of dill seed. It is easily grown; why not plant some now?

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    Celebrate Dill!

    It is time to welcome dill as herb of the year for 2010, chosen by the International Herb Association for its culinary, ornamental and medicinal traits.