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    Blue beargrass tree

    Nolina nelsonii

    This yucca-like Mexican plant has bold bluish leaves to 3 feet long that have tiny serrations on the edges.

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    Yucca glauca

    This clumping evergreen shrub with narrow leaves produces a startling, 3- to 4-foot-tall flower stalk.

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    Red yucca

    Hesperaloe parviflora

    A clump-forming succulent, red yucca has arching, leathery, linear foliage rising to between 2 and 3 feet tall.

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    Prairie zinnia

    Zinnia grandiflora

    This native perennial wildflower of the American Southwest bears a profusion of bright yellow to golden yellow flowers atop 4-inch high plants that spread to 15 inches wide.

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    Pampas grass

    Cortaderia selloana

    This stunning grass has 1- to 3-foot-long, densely tufted plumes atop tall, upright stalks and arching mid-green leaves.

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    Rain lily

    Zephyranthes reginae

    These Mexican native bulbs actually offer demanding gardeners flowers on demand.

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    Mound lily

    Yucca gloriosa

    This sculptural plant bears sword-like leaves to 24 inches long in shades of blue- or gray-green and maturing to dark green, with smooth margins.

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    Red aloe

    Aloe cameronii

    Aloe is best known as a medicinal plant, but there are many beautiful aloes as well.

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    ‘Forest Frost’ spiderweb hens & chicks


    Sempervivumarachnoideum 'Forest Frost'

    Hens & chicks make a charming addition to any container, rock garden, or footpath.

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    Dahlberg daisy

    Thymophylla tenuiloba

    This fragrant annual is covered with delicate, daisy-like yellow blossoms in July and August.