Deer Proof Gardens

  • garden utilizing deer-resistant plants

    A Garden Plan for a Beautiful, Deer-Resistant Border

    Creating a garden with a backbone of colorful, interesting foliage ensures interest even when nothing is in bloom or if inquisitive deer decide to taste-test the flower buds. Varying the…

  • managing deer in garden

    4 Techniques for Managing Deer in Your Garden

    I asked four horticulturists from around the country with decades of gardening experience how they deal with deer. Here are some of the strategies they use and advice they give…

  • deer eating a small shrub

    Plants and Strategies for Deterring Deer

    Last summer I was gifted three gorgeous daylilies (Hemerocallis cvs., Zones 3–10). Selections of a brand-new cultivar, they each featured multitudes of gorgeous yellow, red, and maroon multicolored flowers. I…

  • deer-resistant plants

    Episode 155: Deer-Resistant Favorites

    One of the worst sights you can ever see in the garden is a plant that has been browsed by deer. (Note: We don't love the gentle word “browsed” in…

  • deer resistant plants

    32 Plants for Sun and Shade That the Deer Won’t Devour

    Deer have always munched on garden plants, but due to continued loss of habitat and natural predators, deer populations and their garden-devouring forays are on the rise across the United…

  • sloped garden bed covered in plants and featuring a small waterfall

    Judith’s Garden Adapting to Challenges

    Today we’re visiting with Judith. After 25 years of living in my home in Pines Lake, a lake community in Wayne, New Jersey, my garden is still a work in…

  • Javelina

    Deterring Deer, Rabbits, and Javelinas From Southwestern Gardens

    Gardeners invest time, money, dedication, and care into their gardens. Many of us wait for special plants to display their dazzling show of blooms, leaf colors, and fruit at unique…

  • deer proof garden dry shade

    A Deer-Proof Garden Design for Dry Shade

    There aren’t many properties left that still have massive, native evergreen trees. Sometimes, however, you find a home built among the giants. These homes capture the essence of the forest…

  • dry shade planting

    Anatomy of a Dry-Shade Planting

    A. Understory trees and shrubs provide screening without blocking light The lovely, light green Japanese maples underneath a towering Douglas fir provide filtered screening to the house without obscuring it…

  • Design

    Deer-Resistant Combinations

    One of my greatest challenges as a designer and deer-plagued gardener is unpredictability. There are no rules. No guarantees. Just guidelines. I’ve watched deer devour thorny shrubs and trample fragrant…