Dahlia Care

  • light pink dahlias

    Dahlia Care for the Northeast

    Gardeners in the Northeast look forward to dahlia season (Dahlia spp. and cvs., Zones 8–11) as one of the garden's last hurrahs. Enjoying the cooler fall weather, dahlias not only…

  • Article

    Pests and Diseases to Watch Out for in Dahlias

    As beautiful as they are, dahlias are not without their problems. Here are some issues that might plague your plants.   Dahlia mosaic virus Mosaic virus appears as yellow veining…

  • How-To

    A Few Dahlia Quirks to Keep in Mind

    From the time you plant your dahlia tubers to the time they start to bloom can be more than three months. But they are worth the wait. Be sure to…