Cottage Garden Plants

  • garden shed surrounded by gravel path and garden beds

    Revisiting Sheila’s Vermont Garden

    I'm Sheila Abair, and I garden in northern Vermont (Zone 4b/5a). I have sent in pictures before (Sheila's Vermont Garden). Gardening runs in my family. I am attracted to cottage-style…

  • yellow fennel flower

    ‘Transformer’ Yellow Fennel Flower Is a Showy Annual

    At a glance, the most commonly grown love-in-a-mist (Nigella damascena and cvs., annual) is just a charming little cottage garden annual, with spidery foliage and whirligig flowers in pastel shades…

  • cottage garden tour

    Tour a Cottage Garden Bursting With Blooms

    Typical cottage gardens—the ones we see in English gardening books and magazines—are undeniably beautiful. But when gardeners in the United States attempt to replicate their charming and iconic look, the…

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    Ideas and Inspiration for a Cottage Garden

    Often it’s easier to explain what a cottage garden isn’t than what it actually is. A cottage garden doesn’t have a plethora of straight lines, defined borders, or a bunch…

  • Design

    6 Great Plants for the Cottage Garden Look

    Incorporating the cottage garden style into your garden can be accomplished largely by using many of the plants that are hallmarks of the design. Here are some options to get…

  • Design

    Romantic Fairytale Garden

    Nancy DeBellas's garden looks like pages out of a fairytale book.