Cottage Garden

  • cottage garden tour

    Tour a Cottage Garden Bursting With Blooms

    Typical cottage gardens—the ones we see in English gardening books and magazines—are undeniably beautiful. But when gardeners in the United States attempt to replicate their charming and iconic look, the…

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    Ideas and Inspiration for a Cottage Garden

    Often it’s easier to explain what a cottage garden isn’t than what it actually is. A cottage garden doesn’t have a plethora of straight lines, defined borders, or a bunch…

  • garden with large, white and yellow lilies in the foreground

    Looking Back at Katie’s Garden

    We’re on Bainbridge Island, Washington, today, visiting with Katie Crain. I was just looking through photos from the summer and fall (as one does this time of year), and I…

  • Article

    Wendy’s Cottage Garden

    We’re in Wendy Lagozzino’s beautiful garden today. I have an English-style cottage garden surrounding a house built in 1900. Back in the 1980s, I changed the landscape during a remodel…

  • tall sunflowers in the middle of a dense garden bed

    Lessons Learned From a New Garden

    My name is Hayden Brown, and I am a 28-year-old gardener in Hillsboro, Oregon, Zone 8. Having grown up on a farm, gardens and the outdoors were a huge part…

  • pink flowers next to purple flowers

    Emily’s Detroit Garden

    Today’s photos are from Emily Berger. I wanted to share some photos of my Detroit home garden. I'm a professional photographer, so I happen to have some photos of the…

  • garden at sunset

    Laura’s Romantic Garden

    Today we’re off to southern New Jersey to visit Laura Boissonnault’s beautiful garden. Laura’s house is a colonial-style home built in 1920, and her romantic, cottage-garden design complements the building…

  • Red rose bush

    Caroline’s Louisiana Garden

    Caroline Williams is sharing photos from her Louisiana garden today. We’ve visited her garden before, so start here—Relax in the Garden—if you want to see her garden in other seasons.…

  • blending garden styles

    Mixing the Cottage Garden Style With the New Perennial Approach

    The term “cottage garden” conjures up images of a garden that’s bursting at the seams in summer—of herbs, self-seeding annuals, and flowering shrubs mingling together; of vigorous climbing roses scrambling…

  • Design

    6 Great Plants for the Cottage Garden Look

    Incorporating the cottage garden style into your garden can be accomplished largely by using many of the plants that are hallmarks of the design. Here are some options to get…