Cool Color Combinations

  • backyard garden with birdbath and purple flowers

    Kathy’s Iowa Garden

    I just scrolled again through Keith’s Zone 3 photos (Return to Keith's Zone 3 Garden) of his garden full of hot-colored annuals and perennials. So vibrant! Hmmm . . .…

  • Article

    15 Ideas to Steal for Your Garden

    Pablo Picasso said something to the effect of, “Bad artists imitate. Great artists steal.” The same quote is often attributed to Igor Stravinsky and T. S. Eliot. Whoever said it,…

  • Design

    Cool Blue Hostas

    Use these lush-foliaged plants to accent shady beds

  • bear's breeches and 'Little Honey' oakleaf hydrangea

    Breaking the Rules

    Whether I am visiting a public garden or in a landscape created by nature, I think about what makes these places special. I inevitably conclude that the gardens I love…