Container Roses

  • close up of light pink roses with slight sun damage on petals

    Sreeja’s Rose Garden

    Today we’re headed to Kerala, India, to enjoy some beautiful blooms from Sreeja Sarathkumar’s rose garden. These beautiful rose blooms are in the brightest possible shade of pink. A perfect…

  • container roses

    Great Rose Varieties for Growing in Containers

    Every gardener needs to grow at least one rose (Rosa spp. and cvs., Zones 2–11), although sometimes the only sunny spot in the yard is a concrete patch. Most roses…

  • planting roses in containers

    Create Perfect Conditions for Roses

    Roses have their own special requirements to do well. Instead of fussing with them, many people just skip the plants entirely. But there is a better way. You can give…

  • Cécile Brünner rose

    28 Antique Roses for Specimens, Hedges, Containers, and Climbers

    Whether they traveled from the Old World with immigrants or have been passed from generation to generation right here, these roses have stood the test of time. not only for…