container gardens

  • large stone steps leading through the garden with ground covers and container plantings

    John’s Maryland Garden

    My name is John Rohde. My garden is located 15 miles north of Baltimore in Towson, Maryland, in Zone 7b. This is the second full year for this pandemic garden.…

  • container full of blue succulents

    Container Creativity in British Columbia

    Cherry Ong has used unusual containers to enhance her well designed miniature gardens.

  • potting soil ingredients

    Potting Soil Ingredients

    Here's a breakdown on some common container soil ingredients

  • different kinds of planter pots

    Pick the Perfect Pot

    When selecting a container material, consider your climate, back strength, and style

  • reader container with red flowers and orange foliage

    Cherry’s Colorful Containers

    We've visited Cherry Ong's garden several times, and we know she's amazingly talented. (Refresh your memory HERE.) For the next two days we're going to focus on some of her…