container gardening

  • conifers in containers

    How to Grow Conifers in Containers

    The sculptural qualities and year-round presence of evergreen conifers make them valuable assets in a garden. Planting conifers in containers is useful because they can be easily moved, combined with…

  • garden path leading to small patio

    Lila’s Garden Makeover

    Today we’re visiting with Lila Johnson (whose garden we’ve visited before: The Flowers of August). My garden has been featured in the GPOD previously, but after much thought and several…

  • tropical shade container

    Tropical Inspiration for Shade Containers

    It’s easy to ignore the shady corners of our gardens and focus on areas with the most light, especially when it comes to creating warm-season containers. Many of us get…

  • Tall purple flowers growing out of a garden bed

    Tina’s Massachusetts Garden

    Today we’re visiting with Tina Bemis in Spencer, Massachusetts. This is the front of my house: the yellow, orange, and red garden. It has been in for seven years, but…

  • Collection

    Gorgeous Garden Container Designs, Tips, and Inspiration

    Like a blank canvas, a new container presents limitless opportunities and options for form, color, and texture. But before letting your imagination run wild with garden container designs for over-the-top…

  • mealycup sage

    Container Garden Candidates to Attract Bees for the South

    We are more aware these days about the state of bee welfare than we have been before. It’s a fact that bees are incredibly important to the environment and to…

  • lots of greenery on a balcony

    Small Balcony, Huge Garden

    Today we’re off to Mississauga, Ontario, Canada, to visit Wema Mojar’s beautiful balcony garden. Wema has transformed her tiny balcony space into a beautiful and productive garden. If you think…

  • twinspur

    Unique Plants for Early Spring Containers in the Northeast

    After a long, snowy winter, one of the first signs of spring for gardeners in the Northeast is early spring seasonal containers. Since spring containers are typically only displayed for…

  • Design

    Tips and Tricks for Successful Container Gardening in Northern California

    Are you confined to a balcony, deck, or patio yet yearn to embrace your passion for all things horticultural? You have no reason to contain your enthusiasm. A window box,…

  • Design

    Container Garden Design: Three’s Company

    It’s easy to get carried away with container design, adding plants until the pot overflows. But simple designs can be stunning too, so the FG editors asked five designers to…