container gardening

  • spring window box with small flowers and variegated foliage plants

    New Creations From a Window Box Expert

    Hi GPODers! Today's submission is short and sweet, but when I saw these photos pop up in the GPOD inbox I recognized the design aesthetic instantly and knew I had…

  • Design

    Container Before and After

    Cherry Ong has shared these photos of a container she created for her garden in Richmond, British Columbia, last summer. She used a big container, about 32 inches in diameter,…

  • evergreen plants in containers on either side of front steps of home

    The Best Dwarf Evergreens for Winter Containers

    No garden is complete without at least a few containers for seasonal color. I always specify locations for planters when I create a new landscape design, with the intention of…

  • small gravel seating area surrounded by container plantings

    Cherry’s Summer That Was

    Cherry Ong is taking us on a look back at her garden over the past summer. I bet you’re all enjoying autumn but somehow miss summer. I miss this summer…

  • herbs and vegetables arranged into circle design

    Favorites from Anita’s Garden

    We’re in Yorkville, Illinois, visiting with Anita Drendel again. We saw some photos of her garden in the GPOD recently, and she’s back to share more of her favorites from…

  • three-level fountain in the middle of this small garden

    An Unexpected Garden

    Nicki Snoblin in Lake Bluff, Illinois, found a wonderful little treasure to share with us. Today I would like to share some photos of a tiny garden in an unexpected…

  • view of Japanese garden from other end with various ornamental grasses

    Keith’s Japanese-Inspired Garden

    Keith Irvine, in chilly Zone 3 in Canada, shared his gorgeous vegetable garden with us last week (Keith's Vegetable Garden), and today we’re visiting a different section of the garden.…

  • water garden in a pot

    How to Make a Water Garden in a Pot

    Few things are certain when it comes to gardening: A sun-loving plant will do poorly in shade. An agave won’t survive a Minnesota winter. Deer will eat your hostas. Here…

  • plant container grouping

    Great Designs for Container Groupings

    It’s hard to fail with a group of con­tainers. A group of any size, from a simple pair to a great many, can improve any outdoor space. Open patios and…

  • planting a pot with one plant

    Planting a Pot with Only One Plant

    Contrary to the reliable strategy of using a pleth­ora of plants in a single container, one plant in a pot can really shine. Placing just one plant in an urn…