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  • plants for focal point pots

    Great Plants for Focal-Point Pots

    There are times in life when you just don’t have the patience to wait. You need a focal point, and you need it now. Maybe you’re throwing a party tomorrow…

  • Container Design

    The Elements of Great Garden-Container Design Simplified

    The principles and elements of design allow us to pair the plants we choose with the right companions and containers and to place them in the perfect location within the…

  • hot pink lotus bloom

    How to Grow Lotus in Containers

    Growing aquatic plants in containers may seem like something too challenging to attempt, but it is far easier than you may think. Lotus (Nelumbo nucifera, Zones 4–10), a type of…

  • Design

    Gardening on a Balcony

    Today we’re visiting with Cynthia Strickland. We visited her former garden in St. Louis before, but today she’s showing us her current gardening setup on her balcony in Raleigh, North…

  • Design

    Making a New Garden in Connecticut

    I’m Sue Webel. I’ve been a Fine Gardening fan since the mid-90s and a GPOD follower for many years, but this is my first photo submission. (Find me on Instagram…

  • simple container garden design

    Container Garden Design: Three’s Company

    It’s easy to get carried away with container design, adding plants until the pot overflows. But simple designs can be stunning too, so the FG editors asked five designers to…

  • Design

    Cool-Season Containers

    The end of the season is a relaxing time. Cooler temperatures prevail, and plants are slowing down or are preparing to go dormant. This isn’t really a time, then, for…

  • container plants used to create privacy on front porch

    Four Ways to Use Container Plantings for More Privacy

    Sometimes we just need a little privacy to shield us from the realities of our neighbors’ lives, regardless of how much we like them. Building a fence or planting a…