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  • companion planting california

    Companion Planting for Successful Southern California Vegetable Gardens

    For centuries, gardeners have been observing how various plants can be impacted by their vegetative neighbors. In the vegetable garden, our great-great-grandparents passed on their discoveries that tomatoes and basil…

  • planting under trees

    Shade Gardening: How to Plant Under Mature Trees and More

    In my mind, shade gardening offers the most rewarding inventory of plants to choose from. But that doesn’t mean these plants don’t come with their own set of challenges—which may…

  • uncommon shade plants

    New Hardy Shade Plants to Grow Instead of the Usual Suspects

    In these socially divisive times, one should not publicly draw comparisons of the character traits between subsets of life around us. But in this instance, as I am older and…

  • hydrangea design with container

    Designing With Hydrangeas

    With so many different forms and habits, hydrangeas are one of the most versatile shrubs to work into a landscape. They can be used in various circumstances either as the…

  • Design

    Veggies and Flowers Together Make a Beautiful Garden

    I’ve been a fan of Fine Gardening for well over a decade now, and I’m very excited to finally submit a shot of my garden for your Garden Photo of…

  • Design

    Cool Blue Hostas

    Use these lush-foliaged plants to accent shady beds

  • Design


    These grasslike perennials act as dazzling stars or demure suporters in sun and shade

  • Kitchen Gardening

    Sow Happy Together

    There’s an art and science to playing matchmaker in the garden. Here are ways to create plant partners to save garden space, control insect pests and encourage healthy gardens.

  • Article

    What is Sustainable Gardening?

    “Sustainable gardening” is a cool term if I've ever heard one. It sounds edgy in an incredibly responsible sort of way. In suburban farmer (that would be me) speak it’s:…