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  • well-behaved vines

    7 Gorgeous Climbing Vines That Won’t Take Over

    While far from the only unruly things growing in our gardens, vines always seem to be the poster children for invasive plants. Many years ago, when Brushwood Nursery was young,…

  • A mature-looking garden full of plants with an umbrella, stone wall and small stone patio

    A Garden That’s Younger Than It Looks

    They never weeded a bed or planted a seed, but our four teenagers were heartbroken to leave the big garden of their childhood. Why couldn’t we wait 10 years? Where…

  • A passageway with vertical shrubs, shade-loving vines, and woodland favorites like ferns.

    Plants for Shady Passageways

    The frequently used pathway along the west side of my house is shady all day. Wedged between the house and a 5-foot fence, this narrow space was once a homeland…

  • Design

    Vines for the Connoisseur

    Climbers add a depth and complexity to the garden that just can’t be achieved with perennials and shrubs. The sweeping flow and layered effects vines provide give a landscape a…

  • 'Heavenly Blue' morning glory (Ipomoea tricolor 'Heavenly Blue')

    Morning Glories and Moonflowers

    Combine these climbing vines for blossoms both morning and evening

  • How-To

    Types of Climbing Vines

    There’s a dogwood dying in my backyard next to the property line. My neighbor finds that nearly dead trees depress her, but for some inexplicable reason, until it’s completely gone,…