• climate change gardening

    Gardening in a Changing Climate

    The topic of climate change has come to permeate all facets of our lives. From the evening news to social media, discussions of carbon footprint and global warming are never…

  • Article

    Has Your Zone Changed?

    Ever since the first USDA (U.S. Department of Agriculture) Plant Hardiness Zone Map was created in 1965, this useful resource has been the first place gardeners go to figure out…

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    Regional Picks: Great Plants for the Front Yard – Northwest

    Katsura tree Name: Cercidiphyllum japonicum USDA Hardiness Zones: 4 to 8 Size: Up to 40 feet tall and 30 feet wide Conditions: Full sun to partial shade; fertile, moist, well-drained,…

  • Kitchen Gardening

    How to Grow Lavender No Matter Where You Live

    Without a doubt, lavender have always been the most requested plants at our nursery. At times, their popularity seems downright trendy, but plants that have been desired by gardeners for…