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  • close up of dense garden bed with yellow and pink flowers

    Revisiting Marina’s Garden

    We’re in Beeton, Ontario, today, visiting Marina. We’ve been to her beautiful garden before (Marina's Garden in Beeton, Ontario) when it was just a few years old, and we’re back…

  • various shrubs wit fall color

    Fall in Anne’s Northern Garden

    We’re off to Canada today to visit Anne’s garden. You have visited my garden before (A Garden That Works With Nature Instead of Fighting It). We are located not far…

  • small gravel seating area surrounded by container plantings

    Cherry’s Summer That Was

    Cherry Ong is taking us on a look back at her garden over the past summer. I bet you’re all enjoying autumn but somehow miss summer. I miss this summer…

  • garden beds edged with bricks

    GPOD on the Road: University of BC Botanical Garden, Part 2

    We’re back with more from Susan Esche’s visit to the beautiful University of British Columbia Botanical Garden in Vancouver in early September. It is open to the public and has…

  • close up of hydrangea with pink flowers

    GPOD on the Road: University of BC Botanical Garden

    We’ve visited Susan Esche’s home garden before (A Garden Wedding, the Flowers, and the Deer), but today she’s taking us along to visit a public garden in Vancouver, British Columbia.…

  • giant agave in a pot in front of large planting of dahlias

    Agaves in Ontario

    Alice Fleurkens in Sweaburg, Ontario, has shared her garden with us several times on the GPOD, but today she sent in some photos of a friend’s garden, which is just…

  • close up of garden bed with yellow and pink flowers

    Five Years in a New Garden and Climate

    Joan Galloway is sharing the most recent phase of her gardening life with us today. I gardened for 30 years in British Columbia’s Pacific Northwest region near Vancouver. It is…

  • view of Japanese garden from other end with various ornamental grasses

    Keith’s Japanese-Inspired Garden

    Keith Irvine, in chilly Zone 3 in Canada, shared his gorgeous vegetable garden with us last week (Keith's Vegetable Garden), and today we’re visiting a different section of the garden.…

  • close up of container plants on front yard garden path

    Paula’s Ottawa Garden

    Today we’re visiting Paula Brown's beautiful garden in Ottawa, Ontario. I love my plants, and they love me. These pictures were taken a couple of weeks ago, and more plants…

  • garden path cutting through lush shade plantings

    Garden Tour with Cherry

    Today, frequent GPOD contributor Cherry Ong is taking us along on a garden tour she was able to go on in June. The tour was part of a four-day plant-study…