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  • Camellias for winter

    Colorful Camellias for the Winter Garden in Northern California

    Would you like elegant, long-lasting blooms to bring indoors in the middle of winter? Or maybe you’ve been longing to add vibrancy, color, and beauty to your late-winter landscape? I’ve…

  • How-To

    Caring for Camellias

    Spring has arrived, and we are on our way to summer, so most gardeners are not thinking about their camellias (Camellia spp. and cvs., Zones 6-10). However, May and June,…

  • Design

    Fragrant Camellias for the Shade

    Camellias add color and beauty to the shady Northern California garden from fall to early spring—a time when little else is in bloom. In our area, camellias prefer shelter from…