Cacti Garden

  • close up of potted succulents in the garden

    From Barren Plot to Urban Oasis

    Today we’re visiting with Max Cannon who gardens in south San Francisco, California: Our garden started as a barren plot of concrete and hard-pan clay in 2017, our mission has…

  • close up of giant yellow Leucospermum

    Back to Steve’s Garden

    Steve, who lives in the heart of Los Angeles in Southern California, shared some beauties of this garden with us recently (Steve's Southern California Garden), and today we’re back to…

  • agaves in a southwest garden

    Plants That Can Grow in Both the High Desert and the Low Desert

    Not all plants thrive everywhere, especially in a region as diverse as the Southwest. Elevation, hardiness zone, and even where you site a plant in your yard all converge to…

  • close up of yellow prickly pear cactus flowers

    Cactus in Upstate New York

    Today we’re visiting with Noah Donovan, who loves growing cacti. We’ve featured plenty of cactus-filled gardens on the GPOD, usually in places like Arizona or California. Noah is unusual in…

  • Echinocactus grusonii

    Designing a Cacti and Succulent Garden in the Southwest

    Warming climate trends are creating more opportunities to add diverse succulents to Southwestern gardens. In Santa Fe, where I live, our USDA Zone has moved from Zone 5 in 1995…