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  • close up of small orange tulips with yellow centers

    Bulbs Worth Planting

    Hi GPODers, this is Joseph, your GPOD editor. Fall is here in my Indiana garden, which means bulb-planting time! I’ve been going through old pictures looking at some of my…

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    Underrated Spring-Blooming Bulbs (Webinar)

    Big yellow daffodils and bold red hybrid tulips are fantastic, but they’re just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to fall bulbs. Whether it is plants from completely…

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    Episode 73: Unusual Bulbs

    The leaves are falling, the temperatures are cooling, and that can only mean one thing: It’s time to talk bulbs. We’re sick of talking about the same old yellow daffodils…

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    Answers to 5 Common Bulb Planting Questions

    Storing, planting, and caring for bulbs can be a bit tricky. We have answered some of the most common questions about planting bulbs so that you can ensure a spectacular…

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    Order Up: Time to Be Thinking About Spring Bulbs

    Thinking of spring-blooming bulbs in August? You probably think the heat has gone to my head. Why, yes, now is the time to stay in your air-conditioned house perusing websites…

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    Inspiration for Spring Bulb Design

    Fall is around the corner, and while you are probably getting ready to start decorating your garden with pumpkins and hay bales, this is also the time to think ahead—way…

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    Episode 20: Best Spring-Flowering Bulbs

      If you’re looking for information on boring, basic tulips, this is not the podcast episode for you. If the idea of tulips with red striped leaves and grape hyacinths…

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    Sweetly Scented Tulips

    A fragrant few are pleasing to see and to smell