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  • architectural plants

    Plants with Architectural Appeal

    Who isn’t transfixed by an avenue of lime trees leading to the green shade of a sitting area, or by a path meandering through low ground covers and into a…

  • Fred Bland garden featuring rustic arborb coverd with yellow climbing roses

    Tour an Architect’s Spring Garden in Coastal Connecticut

    The garden of architect Fred Bland sits on just over an acre in coastal Stony Creek, Connecticut. Fred’s approach to designing his garden relied heavily on his experience with designing…

  • Favorite structural plants

    Plants That Provide Structure in the Garden

    In An Architectural Approach to Gardening, author, architect, and gardener Fred Bland explains how he moved from planning buildings to planning a garden: "Although I am an architect, this was…

  • Design

    High-Impact Plants That Are Cold Hardy

    In Taming a High-Impact Design, James Kincannon, a horticulturist out of Indianapolis, discusses how to marry dramatic structural plants with annuals and perennials to create a high-impact design that isn't…