Annual Garden

  • succulents in a small container

    Betsy’s Townhouse Garden

    Today’s photos are from Betsy Thompson in East Greenbush, New York, in Zone 5. We’ve visited Betsy’s garden before (Betsy's Garden in New York). Betsy lives in a townhouse and…

  • garden with annuals and tropical plants

    Tour a Garden Where Annual and Tropical Plants Steal the Show

    Annual and tropical plants can add extraordinary colors and textures to any garden, especially from late summer through early autumn, when many perennials fizzle out. In Fine Gardening #177, garden designer…

  • annuals in the garden

    Adding Annuals to Your Garden: Six Inventive Ideas

    We’ve all seen them: the giant swaths of annuals demanding our attention with their ostentatious colors—in parking lots, at park entrances, lining the walkway to every local bank. They are…

  • Design

    Collette’s Irish Garden

    Today we’re headed off to Cork, Ireland, to look back at some photos from this past summer in Collette O’Connell’s garden. A variety of annuals mingle with perennials, shrubs, and…

  • Design

    Marigolds: No Green Thumb Required

    Today we’re visiting Natasha Grover’s garden in Chicago. I started gardening three years ago and tried different flowers. Although I love flowers, I do not have a green thumb. My…