Anise Hyssop

  • Kitchen Gardening

    Herbs with Anise-, Fennel-, and Licorice-Like Flavors

    I recently did a program at the annual Herb Society of America conference in Madison, Wisconsin thus titled; this is a modified version of the handout. Since we are celebrating…

  • How-To

    About Anise Hyssop: 2019’s Herb of the Year

    Although we are enjoying Hops, which is Herb of the Year 2018, we are gearing up for Agastache, Herb of the Year for 2019. Right now, mine and everyone's in…

  • Design

    8 Plants With Long Growing Seasons

    It’s easy to see why spring reigns supreme in the garden. What’s not to love about the saccharine effusion of lilacs (Syringa spp. and cvs., USDA Hardiness Zones 3–8), irises…