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    Forever Gardens, Full of Flowers

    Here’s a trend that makes complete sense—creating gardens that are long-lived. This includes landscapes with quality features (paving, decks, fences, etc.), and plantings that keep looking good year after year.…

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    From Snow to Summer

    Today we’re visiting the garden of Angela O’Brien-Ruff in Seattle and looking at some favorite moments in the garden through the seasons. The first photo Angela sent in is this…

  • Hot yellow and orange sneezeweed and red-hot poker paired with the cool pastels of asters

    End the Season with Style

    It happens every year. When summer’s heat and humidity ease up and I can think about getting back into the garden, I realize that I haven’t done enough to take…

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    Covering Ground With Creeping Plants

    These herbaceous ground covers spread quickly and are easy-care favorites