Southeast Regional Reports

  • Southeast Regional Reports

    Southeast: February Garden To-Do List

    February is a month of paradox. It's often our coldest month and the one with the best chance of snow—yet flowers bloom even in snow here in the Southeast. You…

  • pruning crape myrtles
    Southeast Regional Reports

    Pruning Crape Myrtles in the Southeast

    Crape myrtle (Lagerstroemia spp. and cvs., Zones 6–9) is one of the most popular and beloved shrubs in the Southeast. But knowing how and when to prune is crucial for…

  • Southeast Regional Reports

    Southeast: January Garden To-Do List

    January is a fairly restful time for the Southeast gardener physically, but it provides fertile ground for growing your dreams, plans, and knowledge. Watch for frost-heaving of fall-planted perennials and…

  • Flame Willow
    Southeast Regional Reports

    Plants That Peak in Winter in the Southeast

    Richie Steffen, executive director of the Elisabeth C. Miller Garden in Seattle and a leading expert on plants, discusses the often-undervalued appeal of winter gardens: “What many see as a…

  • Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden
    Southeast Regional Reports

    Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden Is a Southeastern Standout

    Visiting a public garden is one of the best ways to find inspiration. One of the best public gardens in our region is Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden in Richmond, Virginia.…

  • large pile garlic
    Southeast Regional Reports

    Growing Garlic in the Southeast

    Garlic is one of the easiest crops to grow in the Southeast. But not only is it easy to grow; it also has very few pest and disease problems. Additionally,…

  • Southeast Regional Reports

    Southeast November Garden To-Do List

    It may seem like November should be a sleepy month for gardeners. That is just not the case, as there is plenty to keep us busy. Our Southeastern region will…

  • plant with fall color
    Southeast Regional Reports

    Top Plants for Fall Color in the Southeast

    The Southeast is one of our country’s fall color hot spots. Autumn seems to take place in acts, with one species yielding to another as each reaches its peak fall…

  • frass tubes from ambrosia beetles
    Southeast Regional Reports

    Pest Control for the Southeast: Ambrosia Beetles

    Ambrosia is which of the following? (1) A dessert made of oranges and shredded coconut. (2) A group of beetles that can harm plants in the southeastern United States. The…

  • Southeast Regional Reports

    Southeast September Garden To-Do List

    Is it fall yet? Nope, not in the Southeast, but that’s just fine with me. Late summer has its own flavor worth savoring. Sure, plenty of plants are looking dog-tired,…