Southeast Regional Reports

  • plant with fall color
    Southeast Regional Reports

    Top Plants for Fall Color in the Southeast

    The Southeast is one of our country’s fall color hot spots. Autumn seems to take place in acts, with one species yielding to another as each reaches its peak fall…

  • frass tubes from ambrosia beetles
    Southeast Regional Reports

    Pest Control for the Southeast: Ambrosia Beetles

    Ambrosia is which of the following? (1) A dessert made of oranges and shredded coconut. (2) A group of beetles that can harm plants in the southeastern United States. The…

  • Southeast Regional Reports

    Southeast September Garden To-Do List

    Is it fall yet? Nope, not in the Southeast, but that’s just fine with me. Late summer has its own flavor worth savoring. Sure, plenty of plants are looking dog-tired,…

  • Hardy Sinningia
    Southeast Regional Reports

    Plants for Birds in the Southeast

    As William Cullina mentions in his article on plants for birds, the sad reality is songbirds are disappearing: "Habitat loss, pesticides, and the accompanying decline of insect populations have contributed…

  • panicle hydrangea in fall
    Southeast Regional Reports

    Summer Pruning Panicle Hydrangeas in the Southeast

    The rise in popularity of panicle hydrangeas (Hydrangea paniculata, Zones 3–8) has been staggering over the last fifteen years. This rise is due in part to several new cultivars entering…

  • Delavay’s schefflera
    Southeast Regional Reports

    Delavay’s Schefflera for the Southeast

    When I give tours of the State Botanical Garden of Tennessee in Knoxville, I always make a stop at our Delavay’s schefflera (Schefflera delavayi, Zones 7–11). “Who knows the houseplant…

  • orange and pink annual combination
    Southeast Regional Reports

    Unbeatable Hot and Cool Annual Combos for the Southeast

    We are fortunate in the southeastern United States to be able to grow a wide variety of trees, shrubs, and herbaceous perennials in our temperate climate. During our long growing…

  • crevice garden with purple flowers
    Southeast Regional Reports

    Field Trip to the JC Raulston Arboretum

    In my own gardening life, I just missed JC Raulston. His unexpected death in late 1996 happened just as I started to really get serious about plants. The arboretum that…

  • Taylor Eastern red cedar
    Southeast Regional Reports

    Tall, Skinny Conifers for the Southeast

    Perhaps you struggle with when it’s appropriate to use an exclamation point at the end of a sentence. However, you don’t need to struggle with when to use one in…

  • Buttercup winter hazel
    Southeast Regional Reports

    Buttercup Winter Hazel for the Southeast

    A group of shrubs that top my underused-shrub list are winter hazels (Corylopsis spp. and cvs., Zones 5–8). Winter hazel is in the same family as witch hazel (Hamamelis spp.…