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  • bumblebee on lacecap hydrangea
    Midwest Regional Reports

    Common Hydrangea Pests and Diseases: Identification, Prevention, and Treatment

    As one of the most popular flowering shrubs for the modern landscape, it is no surprise that we are now seeing more evidence of various diseases and insect damage on…

  • native plants for poor soil
    Midwest Regional Reports

    Native Plants That Do Well in Poor Soils

    If only every garden was blessed with free-draining, loamy soil with the perfect pH and balance of nutrients. Life would be so easy and the choice of plants gloriously abundant.…

  • Blue Barlow Columbine
    Midwest Regional Reports

    Plants That Take Sun and Shade for the Midwest

      1. Magical® Pinkerbell Smooth Hydrangea Name: Hydrangea arborescens ‘Kolpinbel’ Zones: 4–9 Size: 3 to 5 feet tall and wide Conditions: Full sun to partial shade; average to rich, moist,…

  • midwest moon garden
    Midwest Regional Reports

    Moon Garden Inspiration

    My wife and I are both avid gardeners, but we typically only find time to sit and enjoy the landscape at dusk or after sunset. To maximize the evening appeal…

  • Flame Thrower eastern redbud
    Midwest Regional Reports

    Shopping-List Plants for the Midwest

    If you’ve run into a garden rut, we’ve got you covered. It’s time to start planning for your first trip to the local nursery or garden center. What plants will…

  • sloped garden densely planted
    Midwest Regional Reports

    Design Ideas for Managing Rainwater in Your Garden

    Whenever I am working to resolve water problems in a landscape, I must acknowledge that water will always win. The best we can do is creatively direct it toward the…

  • Garfield Park Conservatory
    Midwest Regional Reports

    Have You Visited the Garfield Park Conservatory?

    The winter doldrums are a reality in the Midwest, especially for gardeners, but an immersive plant adventure at your local conservatory is a sure way to lift your spirits. Fortunately,…

  • spring planting plan midwest
    Midwest Regional Reports

    Spring Planting Plan for the Midwest

    In her article "Spring Planting Ideas," Michelle Gervais beautifully illustrates the magical time that is the start of spring: "Our winter-weary spirits lift as hints of green begin to appear.…

  • evergreen plants in containers on either side of front steps of home
    Midwest Regional Reports

    The Best Dwarf Evergreens for Winter Containers

    No garden is complete without at least a few containers for seasonal color. I always specify locations for planters when I create a new landscape design, with the intention of…

  • clematis hexapetala
    Midwest Regional Reports

    Try These Strong Summer Bloomers for the Midwest this Spring

    Most gardeners would agree that the best pastime for cold winter days is looking through seed and plant catalogs imagining the growing season to come. With that in mind, consider…