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The Garden Photo of the Day (GPOD) is a daily blog that features new, inspirational garden images each weekday morning. Over the years, it’s become the first thing thousands of gardeners read with their morning coffee. Think of it as your morning shot of green, garden-y goodness!

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  • view of garden and lake from raised deck
    Garden Photo of the Day

    Peter and Geri’s Retirement Dream Garden in Maine

    Hi GPODers! Imagine never having to pack up and leave the lake house after summer vacation is over. Today we're in the garden of Peter and Geri Riendeau, who made…

  • Japanese style courtyard garden
    Garden Photo of the Day

    The Small World of a Japanese-Style Courtyard Garden

    Hi GPODers! Today we've got an incredible garden story from a frequent GPOD contributor that is a demonstration of how magically small our big world can be. Bas Suharto has…

  • Ruby Slippers oakleaf hydrangea with woodland garden beyond
    Garden Photo of the Day

    A Spring to Remember in Bonnie’s North Georgia Garden

    Happy Monday GPODers! Today's submission is an extra treat for me because we're getting an update from Bonnie Plikaytis and her incredible woodland garden in north Georgia. Back in early…

  • Fort Worth Botanic Garden
    Garden Photo of the Day

    GPOD on the Road: Fort Worth Botanic Garden

    Happy Friday GPODers! We're on the road again, this time seeing a slice of an expansive botanic garden in Texas with Frances Watson. Established in 1934, Fort Worth Botanic Garden…

  • Ostrich ferns growing next to large piece of drift wood
    Garden Photo of the Day

    Evelyn’s Urban Prairie Garden

    Hi GPODers! Today we're in the garden of Evelyn Sterenberg, who deals with some pretty unique conditions. Located in the city Lethbridge, Alberta, she is squarely in the Canadian prairie…

  • cutting garden at sunset
    Garden Photo of the Day

    Valerie’s Greenhouse and Cutting Garden in Canada

    Hey GPODers! If you're savvy on social media and your IG feed is full of gardens that make you say, "How do they possibly do it??" You might recognize today's…

  • completed garden bed in full bloom
    Garden Photo of the Day

    Rich on a Little Plot of Land in New Jersey

    Hi GPODers! Today we're visiting Dan, who didn't let a yard with a small footprint stop him from creating a magical garden that has become the perfect space to create…

  • close up of blue hydrangea
    Garden Photo of the Day

    Hydrangea Season in Carla’s Garden

    Happy Monday GPODers! Today we're in the garden of a frequent Garden Photo of the Day contributor, Carla Zambelli Mudry from Malvern, Pennsylvania (here are just a handful of Carla's…

  • rock garden with succulents and yellow flowers
    Garden Photo of the Day

    GPOD Vignettes: A Succulent Front Yard, New Blooms from a Zesty Plant, and a Compost Cake

    Happy Friday GPODers! We're doing something a little different today, I'm starting a new series I'm calling "GPOD Vignettes". We often get submissions that are a little too short for…

  • Annabell hydrangea with casa blanca lilies
    Garden Photo of the Day

    Survivors in Sharon’s Dallas Garden

    Hi GPODers! Today we're in Sharon Holmes' Dallas garden that faces its fair share of obstacles and challenging conditions. Despite punishing weather, clay soil, and a whole host of wildlife…