• Plant Guide

    ‘White Gold’ bleeding heart

    Lamprocapnos spectabilis ‘White Gold’

    Something different for the shade.

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    Prairie smoke

    Geum triflorum

    Prairie smoke is one of the most distinctive and best loved prairie plants.

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    Dodecatheon meadia

    The delicate nodding blooms of white-to-pink petals seem to fly upward and away from the pointed red and yellow flower center, resembling a shooting star.

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    Cream false indigo

    Baptisia bracteata

    Treasured for its gorgeous clusters of lush cream flowers, the low growing and compact legume of Baptisia bracteata create a stunning effect. 

  • Plant Guide

    Crimson Kisses weigela

    Weigela 'Slingco 1'

    A new, more compact reblooming weigela with a tidy, rounded shape covered with bright, lipstick-red flowers kissed with a white eye.

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    Emerald Colonnade® holly

    Ilex ‘Ruthol1’ PP #23905

    This versatile shrub is ideal for use as a single specimen or in a small group planting. Planted in mass, it forms a superb hedge, screen, or windbreak. Well suited…

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    Crimson Kisses™ Weigela

    Weigela 'Slingco 1'

    A new, compact reblooming Weigela with a tidy, rounded shape covered with dark, lipstick-red flowers kissed with a white eye. A versatile shrub to back a flower border or to…

  • Plant Guide

    ‘Carnaval de Nice’ tulip

    Tulipa ‘Carnaval de Nice’

    For later-blooming flowers with ornamental foliage, try Tulipa 'Carnaval de Nice'.

  • Plant Guide

    Sunset foxglove

    Digitalis obscura

    This foxglove has long-lasting flowers in seductive shades of burnt umber.

  • Plant Guide

    Mountain bluet

    Centaurea montana

    Mountain bluet is an excellent choice for the border or rock garden.