Fragrant Flowers

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    Jazz Hands® variegated Chinese fringe-flower

    Loropetalum chinense ‘Irodori’

    Jazz Hands Variegated Chinese Fringeflower is draped in stunning fragrant hot pink strap-like flowers along the branches in early spring.

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    The Princess™ Spanish lavender

    Lavandula stoechas 'IBPR901-2'

    This Spanish lavender features the most intense pink blossoms in the species

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    ‘Lochinch’ Butterfly bush

    Buddleia 'Lochinch'

    Butterfly bushes are carefree deciduous shrubs that are reliably fragrant and easy to grow.

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    ‘Froufrou’ Daylily

    Hemerocallis 'Froufrou'

    'Froufrou' gets its name from its small, ruffled yellow petals.

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    Rose acacia, Bristly locust

    Robinia hispida

    This showy flowering shrub grows to 8 feet tall and wide and features dark green, compound pinnate leaves on bristly stems and pendant clusters of fragrant, pea-like, rose-pink flowers that are…

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    ‘Blue Moon’ blue phlox

    Phlox divaricata ‘Blue Moon’

    This cultivar of the popular blue phlox has round, full flowers with overlapping petals.

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    Lily tree

    Magnolia denudata 'Forrest's Pink'

    This cultivar creates a fragrant cloud of rich bubblegum-pink blossoms on bare branches in spring.

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    Astrantia major

    Masterwort produces many small, ivory flowers that are flushed pink and that bloom continuously throughout the summer and fall, wafting a sweet scent.

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    ‘Bath’s Pink’ Cheddar pink

    Dianthus 'Bath's Pink'

    Dianthus 'Bath's Pink' is a stunning, wide-spreading ground cover with grassy, blue-green foliage and pink flowers.

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    Tanacetum parthenium

    Feverfew is a short-lived, bushy perennial that has become naturalized in much of North America.