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    Andean silver-leaf sage

    Salvia discolor

    This tender perennial from Peru is highly unusual for its dramatic, purple-black flowers and pistachio-green calyces.

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    ‘Golden Jubilee’ anise hyssop

    Agastache foeniculum 'Golden Jubilee'

    Anise hyssop has subtle but eye-catching chartreuse foliage.

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    Coral honeysuckle

    Lonicera sempervirens

    This woody, twining climber has two-lipped, tubular scarlet-orange flowers, yellow inside, in terminal whorls in summer and autumn.

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    Chinese lilac

    Syringa × chinensis

    This fragrant hybrid ( S.

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    ‘Lucifer’ crocosmia

    Crocosmia 'Lucifer'

    Abundant eye-catching, brillliantly red, tubular flowers appear in midsummer atop bold, slightly arching, sparsely branched 3-foot-tall stems.

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    Hidcote comfrey

    Symphytum 'Hidcote Blue'

    This prolific cultivar has dark green foliage and bears nodding blue flowers from mauve buds.

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    ‘Autumn Bride’ heuchera

    Heuchera villosa 'Autumn Bride'

    Large, fuzzy, gray-green leaves distinguish 'Autumn Bride' from other cultivars of Heuchera villosa .

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    South African foxglove

    Ceratotheca triloba

    A rare and graceful beauty, this plant is not a true foxglove, but its flowers are similarly shaped and hang in clusters.

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    Canna ‘Madame Paul Caseneuve’

    Canna 'Madame Paul Caseneuve'

    A great canna to start with if you're convinced you hate them is 'Madame Paul Caseneuve', from 1902.

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    ‘Amber Waves’ heuchera

    Heuchera 'Amber Waves’

    Bright lime green foliage and perky rose-colored flowers in spring make this plant a great selection.