• Plants Enclose an In-Town Lot

    Green screens create a private yet welcoming oasis

  • Growing Scented Pelargoniums

    These coveted collectors' plants have pleasing fragrances, unusual leaves, and delicate flowers

  • Train Roses to Produce More Flowers

    Bending long canes and securing them at the base of the plant also conserves garden space

  • Success With Orchids Indoors

    These prized plants prefer filtered light, fluctuating temperatures, and not too much water

  • Planting Spring Bulbs in Containers

    A striking container of spring color: Cornus sanguinea ‘Midwinter Fire’, Tulipa ‘Orange Emperor’, and Muscari armeniacum ‘Christmas Pearl’. When I plant containers of bulbs in the fall, I’m thinking of…

  • How To Use a Shovel Safely

    Even if you are using a shovel improperly, you'll still wind up with a hole. You'll probably also wind up with a sore back. To help you avoid a sore…

  • Select the Right Shovel

    With the multitude of shovels on the market, picking one that is right for you isn't always easy. As Bob Denman, a gardener who makes, sells, and repairs garden tools…

  • Waterworks

    Whether your garden space is large or small, a water feature can make it more inviting

  • Create a Pebble Mosaic

    Make edging, stepping stones, or even a small patio with river rocks and mortar

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