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As the final month of the year comes to a close, relish all you have accomplished. Many of you have overcome the ups and downs of this past year in many ways. December is a great month to reflect on your gardening future.  What are some of the things you really want to accomplish in your garden next year?


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    I live in now zone 8b in coastal North Carolina and my yard is mainly shade. I love living in a wooded area and have finally reckoned with the fact that I cannot grow many of the traditional, beautiful perennials as most require full sun. I have also discovered that tending perennials is a bit more tedious than I wish to pursue especially in light of my native neighbors which include ticks, snakes, and fire ants. However, many shrubs, understory trees, ferns, and carex thrive here and interspersed with containers, create beautiful garden rooms that are easier for me to maintain. I plan to work more with my site, climate, and enjoyment in mind rather than chasing the elusive, sunny perennial border dream.

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      I love that you are working with what you have. Keep planting and planning for the future!

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